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Getting fat despite sports

I'll tell you about my own experience. I once trained for a marathon, running tens of kilometers every week. I thought I would lose weight, but the opposite happened: it was even difficult for me to maintain my initial weight. I understood that this was due to 2 factors:

  1. Muscles weigh more than fat When you practice sports intensively, you gain muscle. However, they are heavier than adipose material (fat). And because of this, doing a lot of sport causes weight gain. But rather than focusing on the balance sheet of the scale, it is better to observe the body composition. Many scales calculate the percentage of body fat, muscle, and water. And there the result will be different: you will undoubtedly see a rising number on the scale, but this translates into an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in fat mass. A result you can be proud of!


  1. Fluid Retention Due to Stress If you are too focused on the weight, it can become a source of stress. And it causes more water retention, which is synonymous with weight. Try not only to play sports but also to regularly incorporate moments of relaxation and rest.

If you notice maintenance or an increase in weight despite sport, this is not necessarily a negative index, provided you observe at the same time an increase in muscles to the detriment of fat. If not, I recommend that you examine your sports practice:

  • If you launched into intensive sport overnight, it may have whetted your appetite and prompted you to eat more. The body needs time to adjust to such a change. That's why I always recommend gradually increasing the intensity of sports activity.
  • Another avenue to consider: doing more cardio exercises, or on the contrary weight training. Impossible to say what is best, because it all depends from one organism to another: some react better to cardio sessions, others to weight training. Try out a variety of exercises to see what works for you.

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And remember this: strength is the new thinness! I totally approve of this slogan, because rather than wanting to lose weight at all costs, it is better to cultivate a healthy and strong body!

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